Monday, November 12, 2012

Mission Organization Laundry

Here's a goal for me in the next 10 or so days. By Thanksgiving I want to have all the laundry washed, dried, folded/hung, put away, sorted for giveaways/throwaways, and taken to the salvation army. This includes going through Monster's baby clothes for giveaways, keepers, lending, and throwing away. Think I/we can do it?? God, i hope so. This whole laundry situation has gotten completely out of control.

For Us parental-types
Step 1 -- Sort clean and dirty clothes.
Steps 2,3 -- Wash, dry, and lug clothes back upstairs.
Step 4 -- sort for giveaways, etc.
Step 5 -- fold/hang clothes
Step 6 -- put away keepers and bag up others
Step 7 -- take others out of house -- to garbage, friends, or Salvation Army.
Step 8 -- Stay on top of laundry pile.

For the monster
Step 1 -- Wash, dry, fold all clothes
Step 2 -- Sort by sizes/types (newborn girl vs neutral) and giveaways, etc
Step 3 -- Containerize by size/type
Step 4 -- Put all keepers in storage and take others out of monster's room.

When you type it all out like that, it doesn't seem too bad. I have 10 days to do this (counting today, not counting thanksgiving day). I think I can, I think I can... And get the husband to help with his clothing...

PS Anyone have a good stain remover recommendation? Baby food stains like a b*@$%.


  1. can i put myself on the list for any give-aways/lending lending of monster's clothes? :D

    1. Why do you think I'm doing it? I'se gots to find some clothes for graybie...

    2. monster and greybie. together, they're going to take over the world...

  2. OxyClean is the bomb for stain removing. I soak almost of all of my little girl's clothing prior to washing, especially socks and whites.

    1. i usually add oxyclean to the load but i haven't tried soaking it. I will definitely try it. Thanks!