Friday, September 14, 2012

How monster got her nickname

When I was pregnant, I didn't even notice monster's kicks and movements at first. I thought it was just gas. However, over time, as she got bigger and I got bigger, her movements got more and more noticeable. By the end of that summer, you could really tell when she was moving around or kicking. It was like she was trying to get out through my skin! Totally freaked me out, like a monster inside me or something. after she was born, there were days (and still are days to be honest) where she is crabby and nothing can help to calm her down. She acts like a monster, hence the nickname.

GranPat (my mom) always said to me, "don't call her a monster, she's not" but then one day she said, "I can see why you call her that." Ha! ha! Vindication. I guess monster isn't always on her best behavior when she's with her grandparents.

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