Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sometimes I am torn between wanting more kid(s) and not wanting any. I think 2 would be a good number but at the same time I think 3 would be ok also. I used to tell people who wanted more than 2 kids they were crazy. In my head 2 kids was always what i pictured. When I got pregnant with monster I decided one was more than enough. god i hated being pregnant. I want monster to have a sibling. Mostly, i want her to have a sister because i never had one. but i want hubs to have a son... conflicted. If we had a second one and it was a girl, that would be perfect. If we then decided to have a third and it was a boy, even that much better. However, if the second one was a boy then good too. I went through monster's baby clothes this past weekend and it hit me bad for another baby girl... hubs says he'll do a self-vasectomy after #2 and we can't seem to agree on how much time in between kids...

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