Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anywhere a cat can go...

Since getting our cat, Sebastian (or Sebass for short), in January 2010; we have found him in some pretty interesting places...

This one is just too cute :)
In the crockpot
In the cereal cupboard

 In the beer case
In the stack of moving boxes

 On top of stack of moving boxes

inbetween the banister posts (left)
 In a box (below)
In the bathtub
 Sleeping on the chair

Amidst all the tools (above)
 In the flooring box (left)

 Random on the table in the kitchen (above)

(right) Sitting on package for my BiL
 In the basinet before monster was born.
What wierd places have you found your furry friends?

1 comment:

  1. boxes are notorious cat traps. mine like to sit in the dryer among the freshly laundered if i accidentally leave the door open. fur everywhere.